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CEO at RJCCH                                                                  

Finance Professional with influence in highly visible projects guiding strategic business decisions using advanced financial analysis, change management, and negotiation.

Specialties:Engaged in financial strategic planning and development for domestic and international program opportunities; qualified to lead and strengthen market research and financial data analysis to implement action plans affecting legal, logistical, organizational, and cultural issues. Performed market research for a non-for-profit organization. Facilitated the accumulation and allocation of funds, facilities, clients, program staff, and volunteers.


Visionary and dynamic operating and financial executive with proven ability to develop and execute complex business and financing plans in a wide variety of industries. Strategic thinker. Keen attention to detail with a strong sense of accountability, responsibility and ethics. Effective leader who is equally comfortable on the field and leading presentations to high-level dignitaries. Strong team builder.

Specialties: Problem Solving, Detail Oriented, Advanced MS Skills, Project Management, Finance Accounting, Management applications.

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